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Bleriot XI paper model

drawing of Bleriot XI modelWHEREAS Levavasseur and Latham were preparing the "Antoinette" for crossing the English Channel, another manufacturer trying to take speed: Louis Blériot. The latter was certainly to his fine performance but, in general, others came specifically to achieve before him! For example, the flight of 30 km. in the Beauce, October 31 1908, took place the day after the exploit Farman, linking a Bouy wing coup in Reims. In addition, the fortunes of BLERIOT had been devoured by its aircraft "paper of China" (as we called then) and only one hit could save financially. His aircraft, the type XI, was ready when the accident capital in Douai on July 19, when Latham reaching above the English Channel. Lost 'No, not yet, because Latham fails. Upon learning this, Blériot decided to immediately seek adventure. On 25 July 1909, he took off the ground at Sangatte, near Calais. It will soon be over against the destroyer "Escopete," then disappears into the mist. At closeness of the English coast, the wind shakes his hard light aircraft. Fishing boats are available to its view, it follows along a cliff. Just before the Dover Castle, a crevice is on the right, he precipitates. On English soil over it now, a man waved a flag French: it was the editor of the Morning of Paris. At the time BLERIOT contacts with the land, a violent gust of wind sends into the air, then the next, the plate suddenly on the ground. The landing gear and propeller were broken, but Blériot, unharmed, had just crossed the English Channel! Soldiers barracks not far away come to meet him, and one of them said with a laugh: "This is the invader!" ... It was 5 hours 12 am. The flight, one of the most memorable aviation history, lasted exactly 37 minutes. His monoplane (7.80 meters wide, 8 meters long) was powered by an engine Anzani 25 résumé and weighed 400 kilos.

Louis Blériot (1872-1936): Crossing the Channel


L. Bleriot was born in the Pas de Calais in 1872. After strong engineering at the Ecole Centrale des Arts et Manufactures. It will become an engineer in the car and made his fortune in auto headlights acetylene before starting his aeronautical experiments with the complicity of brothers Neighbors ".

In 1900, L. Blériot decided to study and learn all the theories. It drew its own conclusions and decided to build these models on its own assumptions. In 1906 he founded his own team and miscellaneous equipment, he would try himself at the cost of many accidents. With the help of a young engineer Raymond Saulnier, he directed the single-seater Bleriot XI.

On this device, July 25 1909, Bleriot took off near Calais, at 4 o'clock in the morning for crossing the English Channel. He joined Dover in England after 37 minutes of flight and about 38 Km That success earned him multiple orders from around the world which will ensure the future of the firm. Blériot continually drive itself at the end of 1909 to devote himself to society Blériot Aerospace,

In 1914, Louis Blériot acquires Devices Deperdussin "SPAD". Many factories had come Blériot SPAD. In July 1936 the Louis Blériot health deteriorates and he died on 1 August 1936 of a heart attack.

Note that the first pilot's license issued by the Aero Club of France in 1910, was given Blériot, not for his exploits but it was simply the first alphabetically.