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1966 - Lockheed-SR-71-Blackbird Lockheed-SR-71-Blackbird


The reconnaissance overflights of the USSR were officially abandoned by President Eisenhower in the case of U-2 in 1960. At that time Lockheed proceeded to the development of three aircraft capable of exceeding Mach 3: A-12, F-12 and SR-71. The A-12 reconnaissance aircraft, was used by the CIA until the SR-71. The F-12, intercepting apparatus was never produced in series.

Entered into service in 1966, the Lockheed SR-71A was in line with the Lockheed A-12, a spy plane developed in great secrecy by the American manufacturer. Capable of operating at close to Mach 3, at an altitude of 26,000 m, the SR-71A was powered by engines that functioned as statoréacteurs at high Mach number. He was capable of carrying various sensors in interchangeable nose cones or in the sides of its fuselage, depending objective on which it occurred. The excellent performance accredited to Blackbird are not due to chance, cones of inlets reactors automatic guidance, autopilot, delta wing, titanium alloys, etc ... made that the SR-71 drum his time a performance out of the ordinary.

Such aircraft were used in the 9th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, based at Beale AFB. Several detachments were formed to operate on the periphery of China and the Soviet Union from Okinawa and the United Kingdom. All that the U.S. AirForce has consented to say on the subject of sensors Blackbird is that it is capable of monitoring an area of 260,000 sq. km per hour.

Whatever the angle from which it observes, the SR-71A aircraft is strange. Its aerodynamic shapes were perfectly suited to high performance it shows. Fueled by a complex system of inlets, J58 engines operating as statoréacteurs at high Mach number. Auxiliary inputs to regulate the flow of air into the engines.

The Blackbird was withdrawn from service in 1990.