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Model aircraft - McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle model

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McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle

Discover our F15 model aircraft.


History of the F15 fighter


In service for over 20 years, the F-15 Eagle is surely one of the best fighters in the world. The Eagle is both quick, agile and extraordinarily manoeuvrable in dogfight, able to climb like a rocket and best-equipped combat operational radar that allows it to locate, intercept and destroy beyond the horizon .

Difficult to surpass the F-15 interception mission, he takes off in 300 meters and has a speed climb of 17,500 m / min, and is at an altitude 20,000 m only 2 minutes after its departure. 35,000 m and reaching distances of 1,600 km missions without refueling, it is also capable of intercepting far the reconnaissance aircraft.

Its armament consists of 4 missile AIM-7 Sparrow, 2 AIM-9 Sidewinder, 2 AIM-120 AMRAAM and M61 Vulcan cannon, makes it invulnerable both in combat to destroy that distance.

Improvements have helped to provide more powerful engines, more powerful electronics and the adoption of nacelles FAST (Fuel Sensor And Tactical-Pack). In addition, external tank, now it can increase its payload of fuel by almost 75%. Finally, the installation of ultra-performance radar APG-70, allows detection of any type of device despite a low speed and interference varied and has a way of monitoring ground in low altitude flight.

The United States took into account about 400 F-15A and B and more than 500 F-15C and D more powerful. This aircraft also used by Israel, Saudi Arabia and Japan, has an impressive record of hunting (with over 100 aircraft destroyed), and no Eagle has been destroyed in combat.

A version of attack, the F-15E Strike Eagle, was developed for the extraordinary versatility of this fighter-interceptor.



The F15 model aircraft


This model aircraft is interesting for both children and adults, it is developing and entertaining. You just need glue and scissors.



The scale for this model kit was chosen specially for convenience. It is fine for the children. The small details are not too small, and large - not too large.
All the splices are calculated the way that in case of correct constructing the kit, it is still possible to play with the toy. All the model kits are done on the base of the pictures of the originals. The process of assembling this toy is highly developing the spatial abilities and hands motility, teaching how to solve the problem with the help of imagination.


The self developing of your kid is easy by entertaining with these toys! The model kits and toys, developmental games and 3D-puzzles contribute the strengthening of the family value, the organization of interesting and healthy leisure, the consolidation of mutual understanding inside the family.


Building this model aircraft toy will require the solving of the pedagogical tasks such as:

Training the creative way for solving any problem;

Developing of the spatial abilities;

Developing of the hands motility;

Developing of the logical way of thinking;

The liberalization of views.


This model stimulate the kids activity, who treats more careful the stuff that was done by himself. The most beauty of it is that kid supposes to fix the toy before start playing with it. Besides, each already fixed model-toy will rouse the desire to precede the next one, more complicated that, undoubtedly, will be the step forward.


The model is useful for parents as well: it helps to build or strengthen the inner relationship with the children. The process of constructing together - is one of the opportunities for consolidation between generations. Our Model Kits - is the ecological alternative of the electronic ways of leisure: computer and TV. The construction of airplanes and other models contributes the historical education. The models of military engineering is also a good didactic material for historical education.


This site is elaborating and producing the model kits and toys, developmental games, simple and 3D-puzzles.


ATTENTION!!! Only for children after 3 Years Old! The kit requires the use of scissors and glue.

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