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MikoyanGurevich MiG-15 model

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1948 - MikoyanGurevich MiG-15MikoyanGurevich MiG-15


Perhaps the most famous fighter of the Korean War, the MiG-15, although it was outclassed later by the F-86 Saber, forced compliance with United Nations pilots who faced. This aircraft was designed as interceptor, including heavy bombers destroy.

Air departure Referred to S, the prototype of the MiG-15 was powered by a turbojet I-310, a copy of the Soviet Rolls-Royce "Nene" British. The latter made its initial flight in July 1947, but it crashed. After an aerodynamic development, the Mig-15 made its first successful flight on December 30 1947.

This device was characterized by a wing sharply median of 35 °, the large tail, a very short fuselage and a nasal air inlet appears to be inspired by the Focke-Wulf Ta-183 German. The Mig-15 had a tendency to spin in tight hairpins, because of its wing flaps and its height. Later versions will have command of hydraulic fins. The Mig-15 were equipped with a 37 mm cannon and two 23 mm. The Mig-15 Fagot could also take off and land on land the most summary

The Mig-15 aircraft equipped with modern equipment for the time, was delivered to the command of the Soviet defense in 1948. The MiG-15 was operational in 1949 and in December 1950, the Mig participated in the Korean War, outscoring the F-80, F-84 and of course the P-51 USAF and wreaking havoc in the ranks B-29. It will again be confronted with American planes during the Vietnam War, alongside the Mig-17 Frescot of Mig-19 Farmer and MiG-21 Fishbed.

About 5 000 single combat and 3 000-seaters MiG-training 15UTI were manufactured in several versions: the MiG-15 Bis, with a turbojet Klimov VK-1 2 700 kgp, the MiG-15 BISPA, with a radar Izumrud And the Biss MiG-15 fighter escort, with droppable fuel tanks under wing, and the MiG-15 reconnaissance Bisri, with two cameras.

The Mig-15 were produced in U.R.S.S. and in many countries licensed to more than 18,000 copies. The main users were the East, the Middle East and some countries in the Far East and some African countries.



The Mig 15 model aircraft


This model aircraft is interesting for both children and adults, it is developing and entertaining. You just need glue and scissors.



The scale for this model kit was chosen specially for convenience. It is fine for the children. The small details are not too small, and large - not too large.
All the splices are calculated the way that in case of correct constructing the kit, it is still possible to play with the toy. All the model kits are done on the base of the pictures of the originals. The process of assembling this toy is highly developing the spatial abilities and hands motility, teaching how to solve the problem with the help of imagination.


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Training the creative way for solving any problem;

Developing of the spatial abilities;

Developing of the hands motility;

Developing of the logical way of thinking;

The liberalization of views.


This model stimulate the kids activity, who treats more careful the stuff that was done by himself. The most beauty of it is that kid supposes to fix the toy before start playing with it. Besides, each already fixed model-toy will rouse the desire to precede the next one, more complicated that, undoubtedly, will be the step forward.


The model is useful for parents as well: it helps to build or strengthen the inner relationship with the children. The process of constructing together - is one of the opportunities for consolidation between generations. Our Model Kits - is the ecological alternative of the electronic ways of leisure: computer and TV. The construction of airplanes and other models contributes the historical education. The models of military engineering is also a good didactic material for historical education.


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ATTENTION!!! Only for children after 3 Years Old! The kit requires the use of scissors and glue.

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